Salt Lake City Granite Cleaning and Sealing

September 28, 2021

Granite countertops can lose some of its luster and shine over time with use. Most granite comes with a sealant applied when the countertop was installed, but over time the sealant wears out. When you have granite in a kitchen that isn't sealed, liquids seep into the granite and can stain it permanently. It is important to have your granite sealed regularly to  protect your investment.

Grouthsmith of Salt Lake City can clean and seal your granite countertops. We clean deep inside the pours of the granites surface. After your granite is cleaned, we apply a sealer to help protect your granite from stains.

Grouthsmith of Salt Lake City cleans, removes residue, and seals your granite countertop. If you are looking to have your granite countertops professionally cleaned and sealed and live in the Salt Lake City area give us a call at 801-599-2965.